Pro-Business Climate

The Innovation Crescent is located in the state ranked #1 for business. That’s why more than 16,000 technology companies and 400 life science companies call the Innovation Crescent, Georgia home.

Access to Talent

Innovation Crescent-based Georgia Quick Start has been ranked the nation’s #1 workforce training program since 2001.

Brilliant Ideas Born and Cultivated Here

“We have a great ecosystem fueled by great research universities, incubators, ATDC and the Atlanta Tech Village. It’s a thriving new technology community and an exciting place to invest your money.” —Tom Noonan, Cisco General Manager, EnergyWise Solutions

World-Class Transportation and Technology Infrastructure

The Innovation Crescent is home to the most traveled and most efficient airport in the world, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.


With its blend of city and country atmospheres, moderate climate and a cost of living below the national average, the Innovation Crescent is the perfect place to live.

Georgia’s Innovation Crescent

The Innovation Crescent is both a geographic region and an economic development partnership of more than 15 counties and economic development entities all dedicated to supporting Georgia’s life science and technology growth. Our leadership team works extensively and collaboratively to RECRUIT new life science and technology companies to the region, as well as RETAIN and EXPAND those already here. Contact us to find out how our economic development services can help your business thrive.

Fortune 500 company headquarters are located in the Innovation Crescent, 18 in Georgia.

Of the top 100 Health IT company headquarters are located in the Innovation Crescent.

Life science companies are located in the Innovation Crescent.

Technology companies are located in the Innovation Crescent.


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